How to Fix a Car Dent: 5 Cheap and Funny Ways

Small car dents are a part of life. Paying thousands of dollars at a collision repair shop to fix a car dent doesn't have to be, though. So if you recently got a tiny dent at the Cache Valley Mall or at Bridgerland Shopping Center, fear not. Here are 10 cheap ways to fix the annoying car dent:

Warning: Attempt at you and your car’s own risk. Just because you read it or watched it on the internet doesn’t make it true or SAFE.

5. Dry Ice—If you do an online search for ways to fix a car dent, dry ice seems to be a popular solution. There are countless YouTube videos of amateurs and professionals alike apply a small amount of dry ice to a car dent and the dent simply vanishing. There also seems to be a lot of contradicting accounts regarding this method’s effectiveness.

4. Aluminum Foil/Lighter/Air Duster—Countless videos online show individuals fix minor car dents by placing a piece of aluminum foil over a dent, heating with a lighter and then spraying an air duster can (held upside-down so the liquid CO2 is emitted) onto the dent. After about 10-20 seconds the dent pops out on its own.

3. Hair Dryer/Air Duster—Okay, so this method is pretty much the same as one the above, the only difference being the tools (household objects) involved. As with the above example, heat the dent with the hair dryer and then apply the air duster—again held upside-down so the liquid CO2 is emitted. Sit back and a few seconds later the dent should pop out.

2. Toilet Plunger—This method is definitely the safest so far—unless you’re a total klutz and capable of injuring yourself in the most benign situations. Apply the plunger to the dent, get a good seal and gently pull the dent out.

1. Just Take Your Car to Mark’s Carstar and let the professionals handle it—You don’t want to have to explain to people at the Cache Valley Mall that the big burn mark on your car is because you attempted to fix a small dent after watching other people on YouTube.     

Again: Attempt these methods at your own risk, or just be safe and take your car to Mark’s Carstar